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the aftermath of fire damage scorching your walls can be devastating. our skillful experts are here to provide professional cleanup, 7 days a week.

It goes without saying that seeing the aftermath of fire damage in your home can be heartbreaking. At first glance, seeing the black soot on your walls and belongings might feel irreparable. No matter the hour, you can call us and we’ll be there to help.
Our team will show up promptly to assess the full breadth of cleanup needed to get you back to normal again, and will get to work immediately. We move from creating a quote to reconstructing your surroundings within hours of your call.


There are typically 2 types of soot: dry and oily. We approach each of these differently to ensure that we remove every instance of damage in your home swiftly and safely.
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Assessing the Damage
First, our team of experts will canvas your home and assess how much soot needs to be removed, along with the type(s) of soot that are present in your home. This will inform us of how we need to approach the cleaning process.
Dirt Removal
Next, we begin cleanup by removing as much dirt as possible using professional-grade tools, before tackling the soot head-on.
Soot Removal
Depending on what types of materials have burned, we will removing each type of soot (dry or oily) using industrial-grade degreasing agents and different compounds to preserve material that might be damaged such as vinyl siding.
Whether the soot originated from a burning chimney or other method of combustion, rest assured that we’ve seen it all and are prepared to help you. Give us a call any day of the week and let us handle the rest.


If improperly cleaned, soot damage can leave unsightly black stains throughout your home, and along with that, a lingering smell of smoke and fire. As a homeowner, you deserve to relax and feel at home again. We’re here to treat you and your family with compassion, and restore your sense of normalcy.
Free soot damage assessment
Vacuum removal of dirt and dry soot
Industrial strength removal of oily soot
Smoke odor removal
Vinyl siding cleanup
Cleaning up for mattresses and upholstery
Storm damage repair and reconstruction services
Insurance claim filing
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If not properly handled, soot damage can continue to have lasting effects in your home. Call Rapid Restore today and let us get you back on track.
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